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Who we are?

We offer a complete service regarding residential tourism, helping our clients to choose the ideal property. But also we help establishing your second life here. We are experts in administrative procedures and we can advise you on all aspects of real estate and residence in Spain.


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  • We have a wide and continuously updated portfolio of options, formed over several decades of experience.
  • Our meticulous process starts from searching and studying possible investments. And choosing only those that we consider the best in terms of opportunity and profitability.
  • And the key is that we treat each client individually, proposing to you only those in which we trust.

Throughout Spain; hotels, parking’s, agricultural fields, premises, restaurants, shopping centers etc…


Exports of Spanish products abroad

Spain is characterized by having very high-quality products in the food, fashion, decoration and construction sectors.

  • Agricultural (olive oil, blueberries, cheese, ham, wine, all the current range of organic products)
  • Fashion (footwear and accessories handmade in natural leather)
  • Decoration (Handmade furniture with fine woods)
  • Construction (projects with marble and granite, handmade Andalusian design tiles)


Decoration and Design

  • We restructure the distribution of the walls so that the home is more transparent and cozy
  • Our priority is quality and attention to detail
  • Artistic and artisan works:Venetian stuccoOriginal frescoesHand-carved ceilingsArt works in plaster for the wallsMarble and wood mosaicsBacklit emerald and onyx panels
  • Landscaping for exteriors
  • Total home automation through the most advanced systems
  • Authentic home cinema

With a totally individual approach we help each person to have a cozy home. We work both with master craftsmen of small world prestige and with the largest and most luxurious brands in Europe (Italy, England, France, Spain, Greece and Germany)


Product development

We have experience in designing and developing ideas and products that have been patented and then put into production.

With our new star product to be announced!


Legal Advice

We work with the most effective and competent lawyers specializing in, management of companies and rentals, obtaining the Spanish residence, patents etc…



  • From trips of a couple of hours along the coast to several weeks trips through the Mediterranean.
  • When buying and selling yachts we have a wide network of collaborations throughout Europe, offering our clients unbeatable prices.



  • Advice to choose and acquire the best car that fits your needs.
  • All the corresponding management if you have bought it outside of Spain and want to bring it here


Vacation Advice

All the advantages offered by the Marbella area:

  • The best restaurants in the world (Michelin stars, unique places that only locals know)
  • Water and mountain adventures.
  • A “set-up” with the best health specialists in the world.
  • The best and most luxurious parties in clubs and beaches.
  • For the whole family: many zoos and parks

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